Beware Online Imitators
There are lots of people trying to sell you Eze Breeze products. We want to make it clear who the Eze Breeze Retail Store is and what our website is.


  1. We are the "Eze Breeze Retail Store". Others have tried to spin off our name. We are not the Eze Breeze Store or DIY Eze Breeze. 
  2. We sell only GENUINE Eze-Breeze products. Some of the competitors use the Eze-Breeze logo and similar photos. Some even have the words Eze Breeze in their name. BUT, they don't even sell the Eze-Breeze products.
  3. We have one phone number - 800-579-7812 
  4. Our emails all come from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope this helps clear up some of the advertising you see online. Many people have been confused and think all the websites belong to us. They do NOT. So, if you want the GENUINE Eze-Breeze product from the Eze Breeze Retail Store be sure to call us at 800-579-7812.

Do we have installers
We get asked about installers all the time. The majority of our customers do their own installs or are already working with a contractor. They are extremely easy to install, but if you don't feel like you want to install them yourself, you do not need an actual "Eze-Breeze installer". Any competent remodeler, builder or home improvement contractor can install these. Our website has all the install videos and instructions. We are also available to help them with any questions. In addition, we do have a list of contractors in some areas that are familair with the product.
Do we have Eze Breeze Dealers
The Eze Breeze Retail Store does not have dealers. We are here to serve contractors and homeowners that want to order the GENUINE Eze-Breeze product online. Our website has all the details for measuring and installing. Call us and we can help with design and layout. The Eze Breeze product is not only simple to understand, but it is equally easy to install. Call 800-579-7812 and let us help you get your 3 season room or porch.

Need Help Ordering?

Call our customer service team at the number below to speak to one of our experts who will help you with all of your ordering needs and questions.