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Wall of EZE-Breeze Windows

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The Eze-Breeze Side Slider:
Side Sliders from Eze-Breeze cab be used as windows and as doors. Using multiple combinations of sliding vents, you can fill openings up to 120" wide to quickly add more enjoyable outdoor space. This is a great way to enclose underdeck spaces and
wide porch openings. When used as sliding doors, you can use a combination of screen panels and vinyl panels to allow for use like any other patio doors. There is even a feature to install the door as a "pocket door".
Another incredible application is on garage door openings where you can install sliding panels that allow the garage door to still operate up and down. A drive over threshold allows for you to park your car and night, and enjoy the garage as a screen room during the day.
These sliding panels can also be used as windows. So if you have an application where you want to slide the panels side to side, to open your 3 season room, you can have these windows custom made for your opening. This is really great if you have to work with railings or don't want to add additional framing between porch posts or deck supports.

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Eze-Breeze Measuring Instructions

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