Fixed and Trapezoid Panels

Fixed and trapezoid panels are perfect for a transom over a door or for the openings in the gable end of a roof. These non-operable products complement the other Eze-Breeze porch enclosure products and are often used on the lower openings of a deck that has a chair rail and pickets. Custom sizes are available to accommodate your specific porch or enclosure needs.

All fixed and trapezoid panels feature 10-mil memory vinyl that returns to its original shape if accidentally impacted. Select your level of privacy with various tints.

Product image of light duty lip framed fixed window panel.
Standard Lip Frame
Sample image of the heavy duty lip frame.
Heavy-Duty Lip Frame
Product image of light duty fixed window panel with vent.
Removable Vent Fixed Lite

Frame Color Options

Image showing frame color options.

Vinyl Glazing Tints

Minimum & Maximum Sizes

Standard Lip Frame

Minimum Size (actual): 2 7/8″ x 2 7/8″
Maximum Size* (actual): 72 x 84″

Trapezoid Minimum Size (actual): 3″ x 5″ x 3″
Trapezoid Maximum Size* (actual): 72 x 84″ 

Heavy Duty Lip Frame

Minimum Size (actual): 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Maximum Size* (actual): 72″ x 84″

Trapezoid Minimum Size (actual): 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 4″
Trapezoid Maximum Size* (actual): 72″ x 84″

Removable Lip Frame

Minimum Size (actual): 11 7/8″ x 8″
Maximum Size (actual): 72″ x 32″

*maximum size for factory-direct shipping

Image showcasing horizontal side-slider, fixed and trapezoid window panels, and a cabana entry door.

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frequently asked questions

Trapezoid panels are ideal for the gable-end of a roof. The short leg and the long leg of a trapezoid meet with the bottom frame at right angles, and the top is angled to match the pitch of the roof. All trapezoid panels must have both a long leg and a short leg – we cannot build triangles.

The Standard Lip Frame can be installed in a non-permanent way using optional turn clips. These clips swivel out of the way to allow the panel to be removed in order to make use of existing screens or railing. 

For openings that do not have existing screens, the Removable Lip Frame has a full screen rolled-in to the frame and a removable vinyl-glazed vent. These are a great option for openings that are too small for one of our operating units, like a transom above a door.

Eze-Breeze Operating Units

Product image of vertical 4-track window panel.
Product image of horizontal side-slider window panel.
Product image of cabana entry door.

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