Vertical Four Track Panels

Eze-Breeze vertical four-track sliding panels can be custom-made to fit virtually any space. Their clean lines and pleasing proportions complement the style of any home. The 10-mil memory vinyl used instead of glass allows for floor-to-ceiling panels without the weight and cost of tempered glass. Panels tilt in for easy cleaning and can be ordered in tinted colors to reduce solar heat gain. 
Product image of vertical 4-track window panel.
Image showing frame color options.
Image of family enjoying time in front of vertical 4-track panels.

Minimum & Maximum Sizes

Vertical four-tracks are custom made to fit your opening, but they must be within the minimum/maximum specifications listed below. All of the listed dimensions are for the actual unit size (a.k.a. make size).

Width of Unit (actual) Max height (actual)
12 - 54" 113"
55 - 60" 102"
61 - 66" 90"
67 - 72" 84"

*Smaller height panels can be made with 2 or 3 vents, instead of 4

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frequently asked questions

Every Eze-Breeze unit is custom made to fit your opening, as long as they’re within the maximum and minimum widths and heights (available on each product page). There are no stock sizes for the panels.

The Outside  mount is mounted on the exterior of your framing posts. 

The Inside mount is attached from the interior of your space to the interior side of your framing posts. This model can also come without screen, if you want to keep your existing screen. The Inside Mount is great when your space is on the second floor or requires a railing.

Inside Mounts are more difficult to waterproof and prevent infiltration.

Yes you can! Customers choose different tints for entire walls or for individual vents. For instance, you can put our darkest tint in the top panel of each unit to block glare from the sun while leaving the rest of the panels clear, to enjoy your view.

We use a fiberglass screen. The mesh is defined as the number of openings in one square inch of a screen material. Eze-Breeze operating units typically come with 1814 mesh, but we upgrade our customers to 1816 mesh at no additional charge. The 1816 mesh is stronger, while still allowing for great airflow. 

We also offer 2020 mesh and BetterVue screens. 2020 mesh keeps even the smallest bugs out of your space, but it also keeps out quite a bit of your breeze. BetterVue screens are great for people who have paid a lot for their view! However, it’s also easier to damage.

The 1816 and 2020 mesh screens both come in charcoal (the majority of customers choose this) or light gray (which resembles aluminum screens). BetterVue screens are only available in charcoal.

The Eze-Breeze system is not rated for R-value or intended to be used in a true 4-season application that implies HVAC and wall insulation.  Eze-Breeze is considered a 3-season room product because you can keep out 99.9% of  wind and weather, but it has little insulating value.

Additional Products

Product image of lip framed fixed window panel.
Product image of horizontal side-slider window panel.
Product image of cabana entry door.

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